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McCann Projects

Western Specialty Contractors

Type of Project: Parking Garage Restoration

“We were recently honored with a 2016 Award of Excellence from the International Concrete Restoration Institute for our work on the aging Hilton Orrington Parking Garage in Evanston, Ill. The garage is a standalone facility built in the 1920’s, and it required a complete renovation of the concrete of the interior of the four floor facility. It was in pretty bad shape. While there had been minor repairs on it previously, they did not address many of the main problems with the structure.

“The project was pretty complex and challenging, and the scale of the concrete repairs was enormous. We worked with McCann Industries to supply all of the materials we needed for the job throughout the 12 month project duration.”

Why McCann

“Having McCann supply all of our concrete products and sealants on the project really worked out well for us. There was always very good communication by their sales team on product deliveries and availability. One time, Vic Ligocki, our salesman, even drove some materials out for us in his personal vehicle so we could make a deadline on a concrete pour.

“I’ve worked with McCann for eleven years, and they’ve always been reliable. They are well organized, excellent communicators, and outstanding at customer service. I would definitely recommend them to anyone doing concrete work.”

Steve Genovese
Branch Manager – Chicago
Western Specialty Contractors

About Western Specialty Contractors

Western Specialty Contractors is the largest specialty contractor in the country and is made up of a network of skilled member companies and workers. They provide clients with services such as masonry restoration and preservation, roofing, tuckpointing, concrete restoration, waterproofing, and disaster recovery. For more information, visit their website at