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McCann Projects

Holland LP

Type of Project: How a case backhoe is used for railroad maintenance

“We recently bought a CASE 580N backhoe from McCann for railroad maintenance and repair jobs. It’s a great addition to our fleet and a very usable machine. All of our operators love how comfortable and durable it is. The auxiliary tool circuit is great for powering some of the hydraulic equipment we use on the job, making the machine useful beyond its own capabilities.

“The best part about the 580N is that we were also able to have McCann install an aftermarket high-rail kit on it, so we can travel right on the tracks. To the best of my knowledge, there is only one other company that manufactures a backhoe that will fit the high rail kit, but we went with the CASE, because it’s such a good machine.”

Why McCann

“One thing about CASE equipment is that you can have it serviced pretty much anywhere in the US or Canada. I prefer to use McCann for parts and service, because I have such a good relationship with them. They go above and beyond, and I really believe their service is better than what I’ve received at other dealers.

“As an example, one time our guys damaged a machine on the job, which caused some contamination in the hydraulics system. The local dealership was reluctant to handle it, because the machine was still under warranty. So I call Tom Crawford at McCann, and he went right to work. We got the machine back to him, and he promptly flushed the hydraulic system and replaced the damaged cylinder. His turnaround time on that was unbelievable. We wouldn’t have had that machine back in service so quickly if it weren’t for Tom and everyone at McCann.

“If you have a CASE product, or any construction machine, McCann is for you. Whether it’s during normal business hours or after, they always pick up the phone and help you. They go well above and beyond what you would expect from any dealer.”

– Brad Klopfer
Shop Yard & Fleet Manager

About Holland LP

Holland LP is an engineering-based company servicing the railroad and related industries. Since 1935, Holland has pioneered the delivery of comprehensive and progressive transportation solutions and is established as the North American rail welding industry leader. For more information, visit their website at