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McCann Projects

KWM Gutterman, Inc.

Type of Project: Keith Minor of KWM Refinishes His Factory Floor with McCann’s Tool Advice

“With an eye toward better serving our growing customer base, we recently moved into a multi-building 15,000 sq. ft. assembly plant to expand our operations. One of the buildings was an old volleyball arena that had artificial turf glued to the concrete slab. When we pulled up the turf, there were hundreds of gallons of glue stuck to the ground. We tried using grinders and chemicals to clear the floor, but nothing was working. We really had no way of getting the glue off until we called McCann.

“Jim Tacchia and Damian Allen from McCann came out right away and walked the entire facility with us. They recommended a Husqvarna floor grinder and gave us a lot of insight on what to expect and how to get started. When we took delivery of the machine, Damian came back out and showed us how to use it and how to patch holes and cracks and handle the edges. His help was huge in getting this job done.

“One or two passes was all we needed to complete the job. We were able to get all of the glue off and put a clear coat down, and the floor looks brand new. We also used the Husqvarna on the floors in our other buildings. One of the floors was really beat up and heavily saturated with oils and grease, but it was no problem for the grinder. What’s really nice about the way that machine works is that you can be as aggressive as you want to get the floor looking good, and then back down the grit to get a nice, smooth finish. It’s really easy to use. We had never used floor refinishing equipment before, and we ended up with a professional looking result.”

Why McCann

“McCann was very hands on throughout the entire process. They were really a one-stop shop for all of the equipment and materials we needed. We probably saved more than twice what we ended up spending by doing this project ourselves. None of that would have been possible without McCann.

“Our business didn’t close during the renovations, so we had to dictate which sections we worked on and when. We have 70 employees, and we’re shipping gutter machines worldwide every day, so we couldn’t just shut down. McCann was always very aware of our needs and went above and beyond to help. We were working on the floor late one Saturday night and ran short on materials. I gave Jim a call, and he opened up two different stores on Sunday, just so we could finish the job before the weekend was over.”

About KWM Gutterman, Inc.

KWM manufactures high quality gutter machines and is nationally recognized as an expert in adjusting and repairing roll form equipment. The entire product line is manufactured at its 40,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility, 45 miles southwest of Chicago. KWM is the largest manufacturer and #1 seller of gutter machines in the USA and sells machines in five continents—North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.