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McCann Projects

Meade Electric

Type of Project: Equipment Tracking System

Meade Electric was struggling with stolen backhoes and equipment in 2010. Their insurance company recommended a vendor to start tracking their equipment, but Meade had issues with their system. The Fleet Manager said, “Their system would drop the hour reading it had last and their service was just terrible. We would email them, and they wouldn’t reply for a few days.”

A Topcon Tierra salesman from McCann stepped in to share their tracking system. The system appeared user friendly, so Meade started installing the tracking system on their equipment. Six months later, it is installed in 50 machines. “McCann’s system is great for our maintenance program. I think McCann’s product support is their biggest strength, not just in the telematics arena but Parts & Service too. If you are not satisfied, they try and make it right. McCann is on it!”

Why McCann

The Topcon Tierra system alerts you when a machine is due for service, so you can constantly track hours. When you forget to call in for service, and your equipment is moved among crews without any notification, a simple system “ping” updates the location of the machine so you don’t have to track it down.

With the Topcon Tierra tracking system, if a machine is ever missing, you know exactly where it is. Without a tracking system Meade lost 4 machines at one time with no hope in finding the stolen equipment. Since they installed Topcon Tierra, they haven’t had anything stolen. “I am very satisfied with Topcon Tierra, and I recommend it. We are very satisfied with McCann’s service and the performance of the product,” said Roy Flores, Corporate Fleet Manager at Meade Electric.

About Meade Electric

Meade is a leader in design, construction and maintenance of electric, natural gas, and telecommunications delivery systems, both above and below ground. The company has been in business for more than 100 years and served hundreds of local, state and national-level government bodies, as well as utility companies, general contractors and other clients in the most demanding industries.