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McCann Projects

James McHugh Construction Co.

Type of Project: Pool Deck for Luxury Hotel

McHugh Construction requested McCann’s help in developing a solution for the pool deck of The Coast, a 46 story high-rise apartment building on the Chicago River near Lake Michigan.

Magellan Development’s design specified stamped colored concrete, to be poured for the large, 8,500 sq. ft. pool deck. The job required 225 cubic yards of concrete and six separate pours, with multiple pitches for drainage. The design included a pattern comprised of multiple concrete colors.


Why McCann

McCann offered a solution better suited to the application. Different pours on different days meant the color probably would not be uniform across the deck. McCann solved the problem with Shake-On Color Hardener, removing the unique characteristics of each concrete pour from the equation by applying a topcoat of color to the concrete. McCann’s solution thrilled both the developer and contractor, and the pool opened on time.

About James McHugh Construction Co.

McHugh Construction was established in 1897 by James D. McHugh, an Irish bricklayer. By 1920, the company had expanded its services to serve as a general contractor specializing in high-rise buildings and bridge construction. The company’s major projects include Wacker Drive reconstruction, Aqua Tower, and Drumpf Tower.