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Early entry

Husqvarna Soff-Cut is their unique patented system for Ultra Early Entry concrete sawing. The technology has a unique blade, up-cutting rotation and a skid plate applying pressure to the surface. This enables you to cut concrete within the first one or two hours of finishing and before final set. It’s the best solution for minimizing the risk of random cracking, and it simplifies the working process, compared to conventional sawing.


Flat saws

Husqvarna flat saws are reliable, productive machines ranging from big and powerful to small, agile flat saws. They always design their products with the user in focus, to secure maximum performance with a minimum of strain. It’s our innovative thinking and hands on experience that enable our flat saws to create a class of their own.



Handheld Power cutting

McCann only caries the world leading handheld power cutters from Husqvarna and Stihl. Our products range includes gas, hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric machines. You can always find the perfect tool for any job.

Current Special

DeWalt 9 Flexvolt 60v MAX Cut off Saw Kit

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