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Street Sweepers

Bucher Municipal offers a range of mechanical broom sweepers, regenerative air sweepers, and truck mounted models, so you can find the model that’s best for your specific needs.

From large outdoor shopping areas and pedestrian zones, to urban streets and roads in subdivisions, Bucher Municipal has a sweeper for any type of job. With their fast sweep rates, you can clean areas quickly. Their large hoppers reduce downtime by increasing the intervals between emptying, and tight turning radiuses let you easily maneuver in areas where space is limited.

Models Available

R65m Regenerative Sweeper

  • 300 Gallon standard water capacity
  • 44″ Forward facing gutter broom
  • Ideal for picking up small debris from streets with cracks and holes

E35 Mechanical Chassis Mounted Sweeper

  • 360 Gallon water tank
  • 58″ Sweep path with main broom
  • 90″ Sweep path with main broom and one side broom
  • 120″ Sweep path with main broom and two side brooms
  • Perfect for road surfaces and cleaning gutters and curbs

V80 Truck Mounted Sweeper

  • 528 Gallon standard water capacity
  • 15.9″ Wide sweep brush
  • Excellent for both street sweeping and cleaning work sites

V65 Truck Mounted Sweeper

  • 413 Gallon standard water capacity
  • 15.9″ Wide sweep brush
  • Low noise makes this sweeper perfect for urban environments

CityCat 5006 Compact Street Sweeper

  • 235 Gallon standard water capacity
  • 35″ Diameter side brushes
  • 8′ Sweep path with two brush configuration, 11′ 5″ with three brushes
  • Ideal for sweeping tight areas like outdoor shopping centers or pedestrian areas

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